Care for health care life

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Care for health care life

Latest Announcement
2017/06/13 18:08

Shiyan City People's Hospital Yi Chuan into the company


To continuously improve the health awareness of employees, May 19 afternoon, Dan Rui carbon company jointly Shiyan City People's Hospital in the fourth floor of the company launched a series of medical knowledge lectures.

Lecture site, more than 60 employees actively involved, including the company leadership, middle management, staff and front-line staff. The lectures include "the common trauma of industrial enterprises, emergency treatment and treatment of mechanical injuries", "prevention and treatment of hypertension, stroke, heat stroke", "prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis", experts and professors of the People's Hospital through a large number of clinical cases and Easy to understand the knowledge of teaching, so that the presence of staff to understand the relevant medical knowledge, and further enhance the strong sense of concern for everyone health.

In recent years, the company continued to promote the health management of employees, spare no effort to carry out the staff health management activities, the enterprise reform and development of the results benefit to every employee. Up to now, the company has been in the whole staff has carried out a new staff physical examination, occupational disease and other health care projects, held a number of topics of the health talks, carried out to cover the company's positive and progressive cultural and sports activities.

In the future, the company continues to focus on employee health management, continue to solidly promote the health management system, and create a corporate unity, harmony and good atmosphere.

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