To promote learning to learn to do

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To promote learning to learn to do

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2017/06/13 18:07

Than Shui company party branch held "party" "standard" "regulations" knowledge contest


In order to make the members of the company more in-depth understanding of the "party" and "norms" "regulations" knowledge, and further enhance the work style of clean and honest propaganda activities, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of party members. On the afternoon of May 18th, the party branch of Than Shui Company carried out the competition activities of "Party Chapter" and "Regulations" and "Regulations" in the activities room of the fourth floor conference room. Company leaders, some middle-level cadres and from the six branches of the team a total of more than 40 people participated in the knowledge contest.

Competition activities must answer questions and grab the answer two links, six branch team of 30 party members comrades to participate in the live competition. Competition, the party members are attentive, quick response, you catch me, wonderful after another. After fierce competition, the final roasting party branch team to a total of the highest score won the title.

Many party members have said that through the knowledge contest, deepened the "party", "guidelines", "regulations" memory, understanding is also profound. Hope to hold more similar activities in the future, always reminded to pay attention to their behavior, to become a qualified Chinese Communist Party members.

Li Zhenqing, deputy secretary of the company's party branch (presided over the work), manager Yi Zhenqing stressed at the end of the event, the competition is the party to the party to complete the party's work style, "seven" activities of the series, hope through "Seven one" activities carried out, the company at all levels of party organizations to "propaganda month" activities to the depth of the company for the work of building a clean government to create a good atmosphere.

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