"Party flag fluttering, security in my heart"

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2017/06/13 18:24

Quality inspection warehouse center party branch to carry out the theme party activities


Recently, Danrui quality inspection and storage center party branch to lead the party members and members of youth to carry out the "party flag fluttering, security in my heart" branch theme party activities. Ye Guang, deputy manager of the company also to support the identity of ordinary party members to participate in the event. Activities at the scene, party members wear the party emblem, on-site sign, in the face of bright red party flag, review the oath of joining the party.

Subsequently, the branch party members based on their own positions, combined with the actual work of the "two school one to do" learning and education, members of youth to love and respect their jobs, learning party vanguard model for the statement to speak. Participate in the activities of the party members and members of the youth have also made a commitment to safety production, to promote the Thani company's contribution to the safety of production of their own Mianbozhili.

In the clean-up of the work area of ​​garbage and the maintenance of the fence of the scene, comrades enthusiastic and active, female comrades clean up garbage and weeds, gay men picked up the steel brush on the pound fence to clean up, and then use them to paint Loaded new clothes, nearly 30 degrees of high temperature, comrades sweat over the sparkling party logo.

Through the theme of the party activities, and further strengthen the party members of the party's beliefs, enhance the party members, members of young people are in compliance with the consciousness, firmness. Through the exemplary role of party members to take the lead and influence the masses around the staff to create a full compliance with strict discipline, enhance the implementation of a good atmosphere, to consolidate the safety situation, to promote the sustained and stable development of the company.

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