Than Shwe company held news writing training courses

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Than Shwe company held news writing training courses

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2017/06/13 18:13

In order to further improve the quality of news reports, strengthen the propaganda work, enhance the overall quality and operational capacity of the correspondent team. On May 13th, the company held the 2017 news writing training course, invited the senior editor of the Hanjiang Water Resources, The The workshop branch secretary, regiment group leader, grassroots correspondent a total of more than 30 people participated in the training.

Before training, Tang Ruihui, Minister of Party Affairs of Than Shui Company, conveyed the spirit of the conference work conference of the group company, and discussed the awareness and significance of the news propaganda in combination with his own work. He hopes to participate in the training of comrades to cherish this rare learning opportunities, adherence to classroom discipline, do a good job learning records, and strive to improve the news theory literacy, and further promote the Dani information campaign to a new level.

In the training session, Ren Tao first conducted a comprehensive analysis of the news published by Than Shui Company in the past two years, pointed out some shortcomings and improvement measures, combined with years of practical experience in journalism and rich writing skills, from the definition of news The most basic principles to be followed in news writing, how to find news from work, how to get out of news writing errors, writing skills and photography aspects of the contents of the simple analysis and explanation, teaching content is memorable.

Through the training, broaden the communication thinking and vision of the correspondent, so that the correspondent on the news writing knowledge has a further understanding, understanding and grasp, to enhance the overall level of corporate information propaganda work has played a positive role in promoting.

Than Shwe has always attached great importance to the news propaganda work, through a clear mission objectives, increase training, the news propaganda work into the annual assessment and a series of measures, and strive to complete the annual report index tasks, the news work in the internal cohesion, boost morale , To establish a corporate image, and so played an important role.

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