Strict discipline red line to implement strict rule of the party

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Strict discipline red line to implement strict rule of the party

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2017/06/13 18:11

"Party members and cadres should be profound thinking: what should I do what I can do what can not do ... ..." This is Than Shui company party branch deputy secretary (presided over the work), manager Yi Zhenqing company in 2021 party Clean government building propaganda and education conference to the party branch secretary and party members and cadres to stay a thinking.

May 15, Than Shwe Company in 2017 the work of clean government building publicity and education conference held on the second floor conference room. Company leadership team members, party branch members, party branch secretary, organ staff, branch members on behalf of more than 40 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wu Qingfeng, deputy secretary of the Party branch.

The conference read out the activities program of "Than Shui Company's Construction of the" propaganda culture "in 2017, and arranged the" seven activities "to carry out a centralized study, carry out a knowledge test and carry out a warning education.

Deputy secretary of the party branch (presided over the work), manager Yi Zhenqing from Ren Zhengfei's "self-discipline is always the lowest cost of management" as a guide, expounded the strict management of the relationship between the party and the enterprise. He stressed that all party members and cadres, especially the branch secretary, departmental workshop leader, to a profound understanding of the comprehensive strict rule of the party and the production and operation of the relevance. He pointed out that strict discipline red line, according to the provisions of the process, both from the strict management of the party's requirements, but also the necessary conditions for sustainable development of enterprises. He asked the cadres at all levels to take the point of the face, earnestly fulfill the duties of a post, strict implementation of the party rules and regulations, conscientiously implement the rules and regulations, in the construction of the political climate is at the same time, to promote the company's sustained and healthy development.

The company's party branch discipline inspection committee for the participants on the entitled "to strengthen the inner-party supervision, for the comprehensive and strict support of the party to provide strong support" of the integrity of the party, he learned from the Sixth Plenary Session of the important significance of personal learning experience; Internal supervision of the three aspects with the participants to do in-depth exchanges and discussions.

At the meeting, the company leaders and the general branch of the grassroots party branch to issue clean books, all participants also jointly study the "guidelines" and "regulations", watch the warning education film "untouchable red line."

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