Small sacrifice great dedication

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Small sacrifice great dedication

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2017/06/13 18:10

Weekend, this is the rest of the day, Tangrui office building has entered the two headband helmets, wearing uniforms workers comrades, they are from the molding workshop party members Zhai Qunsen and join the party activist Wang Yun. They are prepared to use the weekend break to inspect and repair the lighting of the office building.

From the cost of efficiency in the enterprise to seek efficiency, is Than Shwe beyond the competitors, beyond the self, to adapt to the market competitive environment, to achieve sustained and stable development of the company long-term adherence to the working principle. From the company leadership to the general staff, from the office to the production workshop, the company's production and operation are around the conservation efficiency work. For example, the office building lighting facilities since the establishment of the company, there is no large-scale replacement, to now use the lamps are now out of the market products.

Recently corridor corners of the lamp a few bad, because the workshop production tasks, the company has not informed the electrical class for maintenance. Workshop maintenance staff in order to not affect the production, there has been the beginning of this scene. Two comrades skilled operation, careful inspection, will be a few broken lamps were repaired and replaced, while the damaged parts to re-assembly with the reduction of the number of new lamps to buy.

Income and waste, will save the spirit in the end. After an hour and a half of the tense work, office building corridor lighting to restore a new. Party members of the small sacrifice in exchange for the company's continued development of great dedication. Than Shwe will continue to do this work.

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