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Hubei Danjiangkou Dan Rui carbon limited liability company is located at the foot of the Wudang Mountain, Hanjiang River, Danjiangkou City Xiaojiagou Industrial Park. The company occupies 100,000 square meters, is a professional production and operation of pre-baked anode carbon block and the relevant carbon products, production of self-produced products for export and production of raw and auxiliary materials required for the import business enterprises.

The company was established in April 8, 2004, the registered capital of 56 million yuan.

The company has five production facilities: workshop, production department, finance department, marketing department, supply department, safety and environmental protection department, etc., with calcining workshop, molding workshop, roasting workshop, gas station and quality inspection warehouse. Over the past few years, through the continuous reform and innovation, strengthen the technological transformation, with a full set of carbon production processes, improve the advanced product testing, testing, testing equipment, products meet international standards. The company's existing 24 cans of four calciner, YG60 pre-bake anode molding machine 2, 52 open anodic furnace, can produce 1500 × 660 × 600mm, 1450 × 780 × 600mm, 1080 × 550 × 600mm, etc. Specifications products. Company production capacity of 85,000 tons / year, in addition to meet the Hanjiang Danjiangkou Aluminum limited liability company annual demand, but also exported to Malaysia and part of the product sales.

Company employees 350 people, including college and above a total of 67 employees, accounting for 18.7% of the total number of employees.



Under the correct leadership of the group company, the company will further increase the product structure adjustment and new product development efforts, optimize and improve the production process, vigorously promote the management innovation, technological innovation, mechanism innovation, enhance the overall quality of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, To participate in international and domestic market competition for the company's continued development and lay a solid foundation.